I am highly organized, confident, enthusiastic, adaptable and able to multi task. I develop strong working relations with my team and deliver consistency of product and service towards achieving both personal and professional goals.

My career objective is to develop my knowledge and practical skills to enable me to work competently in the hospitality industry and to achieve the highest level of guest satisfaction and quality standards.
Additionally, in my past work experience in the hotel industry, I have proven myself time and time again in challenging situations to provide exceptional results both personally and as part of the team.


AA TV Commercial 29/04/15, Bollywood Movie KJD 13/09/15, Bollywood Movie KJD 16/09/15 Double, Bollywood film KJD 20/9/15 Double, Bollywood Movie KJD 21/09/15 Double, Bollywood Movie KJD 25/09/15 Double, Bollywood Movie KJD 27/09/15 Double
Police Training Video 18/02/2016
Scotrail Photo Shoot 03/03/2016
The Replacement 17/07/2016
Clique Production 03/10/2016
Clique Night Shoot 18/10/2016,19/10/2016
Clique night club scene 17/10/2016
Clique night club scene 20/10/2016
Clique Event night 18/10/2016
Clique House Party 07/11/2016, 14/11/2016, 15/11/2016
Trust Me – Prosthetic Leg Hospital Scene 27/02/2017
Highland Spring Commercial 07/04/2017
Trust Me – Edinburgh Hospital Scene 11/04/2017
Ayat café visitors 05/09/2017
Dog who ate my homework 24/11/2017
RBS APP 14/12/2017, 15/12/2017
River city 28/04/2018
Clique Fri 22nd 16.30 to 03.30, Edinburgh
Badla Indian feature film shooting in Glasgow Tomorrow - 15/07/2018
Limbo party scene glasgow - 05/10/2018
The Sopranos filming 11th nov Edinburgh - 11/11/2018
TV commercial for Visit Scotland. 2nd week in Jan 19 - 17/12/2018


Can ride a motorcycle
Driving Licence
Disclosure 09.02.16
Bar and restaurant work


Age 34
Hair Black
Eyes Brown
Chest 40″
Waist 33″
Inside leg 34″
Height 6"2' (1.87m)
Collar 16.00
Shoe size 11.00