River city - Passer by - Wed 1st Sept
Baby Shower , Males Tue 27th Jul
Baby Shower , Males Wed 28th July
Baby Shower , Males Final selection Check all detail before accepting,
Baby Shower , Males Fri 30th July
Baby Shower , Males Thurs 29th July
Baby Shower , Males Sat 31st
Baby Shower , Males Mon 26th July
Screw Testing 2nd aug
Screw prisoners Testing 2nd aug
Baby Shower , Males Testing Monday 19th
Baby Shower , Males Final selection Check all detail before accepting,
Crime Prison officers Friday 16th July
Screw prisoners Filming Thurs 5th Aug
Screw Prisoner Testing thurs 24th
Screw - Testing Monday 28th
Screw - Filming Tue 29th June
Screw Prisoner Testing thurs 24th
Screw - Prisoners Thurs 1st July
Two Doors Down bubble Fri 25th
Screw Prisoners Testing 17th June
Bank TV commercial Males covid test 10th June
Screw Prisoners filming 21st June
Bank TV commercial Males Fri 11th June
Screw - Prisoners - Test Monday 7th
River city Film Monday 31st May
The Scots - Wedding - Covid test Mon 24th
Screw - Prisoners - Wed 9th June
The Scots - Wedding - 3 days 26th,27th, 28th May
The Scots - Wedding - Wed 26th May
Karen Pirrie Residents Tue 25th Glasgow
Screw prisoners covid test Mon 17th May
Molly and Mack Thurs 15th April
Screw prisoners filming 20th May
Screw prisoners covid test Mon 17th May
Screw prisoners filming 19th May
Molly and Mack wed 21st April
Molly and Mack Fri 16th April
Molly and Mack Wed 7th April
Molly and Mack Wed 31st March
Molly and Mack Mon - 29th March
River city jury Fri 26th March
Molly and Mack Tue 16th March
Molly and Mack Mon 8th march
Molly and Mack Tue 9th Feb
Blind, film Wed 6th Jan
Part of a Drama on BBC One 'Garrows Law', Church Drama and a host of others.
BBC Drama River City 9/3/12 pb,22/8/12 pb, 19/09/12pb, 17/10/12pb,9/11/12 pb, yorkhill hospital doctor 20/05/13, 17/02/14 PB, 07/03/14 pb, 14/04/14 pb, 03/11/14 pb, 25/02/15 pb, River City 11/09/15 pb, 13/10/15 pb
Film 'Doors Open' 14/05/12 - hotel porter
SNP 'The Street' TV Commercial
Waterloo Road hospital scene nurse 11 /9/12, Waterloo Road audience member at BBC Studios 21/1/13, 22/1/13, 23/1/13
Smartlist Recruitment TV Com 14/05/13, BBC Comedy unit 17/6/13, MI High 28/6/13, TV Com ESPC 27/6/13, TV Comercial for National Lotto 10/8/13, SPAR TV Commercial 13/09/13 & 14/09/13
Badults (The Comedy Unit) 11/01/14 Brazillian Football supporter, BBC Comedy 'Badults' 05/02/14, Famous Grouse TV Commercial 07/08/14, Scrotal Recal CH4 comedy 22/8/14,Scrotal Recall 10,11/9/14 pub quiz, Comedy 'Fried' 20/11/14, Road Safety TV Commercial 18/03/15, ITV Shetland 10/07/15 Business Commuters
Bollywood film KJD 28/8/15, Victorian Drama 'The Secret Agent' 30/09/15, CBBC 'Dog Ate my Homework' 03/10/15, Victorian Drama 'The Secret Agent' 19/10/15, Victorian Drama 'The Secret Agent' 20/10/15, Victorian Drama 'The Secret Agent' 22/10/15, Victorian Drama 'The Secret Agent' 27/10/15,
BBC Drama 'One of Us' Traveller 02/11/15
BBC "Hancock's Half Hour" Lost Sitcom Series 04/04/2016
TV Commercial The Sweet Shop / Peugeot 08/04/2016
River City Passer By 14/04/2016
10 Rillington Place 19/04/2016
10 Rillington Place West Indian 20/04/2016
10 Rillington Place 21/04/2016
Scrotal Recall 12/05/2016, Trainspotting hospital scene 31/5/16
River city underground worker 23/08/2016
EVE Lab Techs 26/08/2016
RBS Hand Photo Shoot 31/08/2016
River City 07/09/2016
SNP TV Com 21/09/2016
River City Pub Punters 20/09/2016
BBC Drama Clique 10/10/2016,11/10/2016
Burnistoun wedding scene 12/10/2016
Clique BBC Drama 13/10/2016
River city pub punters 21/10/2016
River City Passer By 02/11/2016
Clique 19/11/2016
Clique 15/11/2016 ,16/11/2016
RBS Six Nations Rugby 16/01/2017
Trust Me 26/01/2017, Trust Me 31/01/2017
River city passer by 22/02/2017, River City 17/03/2017, River city 20/03/2017
Trust Me patients 27/03/2017
River city 07/04/2017, River city 19/04/2017, 24/04/2017, 26/04/2017
River city pub 12/05/2017, 13/05/2017
LOVESICK Pub Punters 22/05/2017, 23/05/2017, 24/05/2017
KPMG Photot Shoot 01/06/2017
Hee Haw shoot for Glasgow athletics 06/06/2017
Country Music 02/08/2017
River city pub 11/09/2017
River City - Pub 26/09/2017
Outlander Sawmill 12/10/2017, 01/11/2017
River city pub 16/10/2017
River city 17/10/2017
Mrs Browns boys 18/10/2017, 19/10/2017
River city 24/10/2017
Melrose 31/10/2017
Melrose 01/11/2017
River city 08/11/2017
River city 27/02/2018
River City – Passer-by’s 12/03/2018
River City 26/03/2018
River City 09/04/2018
River City 20/04/2018
Google film casting Thursday 7th Glasgow fee up to £1500 speaking
Wed 13th, BBC. TV show Molly a Mark, filming Glasgow, to play market shopper.
TV drama Shetland 12th July to play Museum visitor Glasgow
River City Monday 27th - 27/08/2018
River City Monday 27th - 27/08/2018
Dawn River city Tue 28th Pub - 28/08/2018
River City SA's for Tues 4th Sept - 04/09/2018
River City Thurs 6th Sept - 06/09/2018
River City - Monday 1st Oct - Studio in Dumbarton - 01/10/2018
River city Monday 29th oct - 29/10/2018
River city Friday 9th Nov - 09/11/2018
Ladbrooks TV com Wedding Scene wed 12th AND thurs 13th males - 12/12/2018
Ladbrooks TV com Wedding Scene wed 12th AND thurs 13th males - 13/12/2018
TV commercial for Visit Scotland. 2nd week in Jan 19 - 17/12/2018
Cycle Safe Commercial - Wed 16th Jan - 16/01/2019
River City Monday 11th Feb - 11/02/2019
River City Tuesday 19th February - 18/02/2019
River city pub tue 5th Mar - 05/03/2019
River city Mon 18th and Tue 19th - 18/03/2019
River city Mon 18th and Tue 19th - 19/03/2019
River city Friday 29th april pub - 29/03/2019
River City Tuesday 9th and Wednesday 10th April - REQUIRED FOR BOTH DAYS - 09/04/2019
River City Tuesday 9th and Wednesday 10th April - REQUIRED FOR BOTH DAYS - 10/04/2019
BBC Pilot Comedy Show - Thursday 23rd May GLASGOW
E45 Commerical - Provisional Booking for 4th and 5th July


Covid19 Bubble Friend (Fola Abdul).

Acting, Drama, Singing, Reading & Travelling
Marathon Runner



Qualified SIA Badge Holder

Holds Disclosure 23\/06\/17


Age 35
Hair Black
Eyes Brown
Chest 42″
Waist 32″
Inside leg 32″
Height 5"7' (1.69m)
Collar 15.50
Shoe size 9.00