Molly and Mack Fri 15th Jan
Molly and Mack Fri 22nd Jan
Molly and Mack Wed 20th Jan
Molly and Mack Tue 19th Jan
Molly and Mack Thurs 14th Jan
Molly and Mack Wed 13th Jan
Molly and Mack Mon 11th Jan
Molly and Mack Fri 18th Dec
Molly and Mack thurs 17th Dec
Molly and Mack tue 15th Dec
Molly and Mack mon 14th Dec
Molly and Mack Fri 11th Dec
Molly and Mack Mon 7th Dec
Molly and Mack Fri 11th Dec
Molly and Mack Thurs 10th Dec
Molly and Mack Tue 8th Dec
Molly and Mack Thurs 3rd Dec
Molly and Mack Mon 30th Nov
Molly and Mack Fri 27th Nov
Molly and Mack Tue 1st Dec
Molly and Mack Fri 27th Nov
Molly and Mack Wed 2nd Dec
Molly and Mack Tue 24th
Molly and Mack Mon 23rd Nov
Bell Bottom males 3rd Sept
Scots Squad Fri 13th March street
River City Thurs 12th March
,Adverts - Sky Sports, Chanel 5 Milk add, Metropolitan College Add, extra - Rebus & Rivercity/ Farmfoods Advert/ 'Happy Hallidays' Comedy programme/ BBC Drama '39 steps'/ programme 'Only an Excuse'/ Electoral Commission Photo shoot/ Comedy series 'How Not to Live Your Life'/ Central Office of Information Transport Agency/ Film 'Cosi'/ BBC Drama 'Lip Service'/ Film 'Game of Thrones'/ 'Yeti'/ Gay Sexual Health Photo shoot/ TV Commercial for Rape Crisis/ Film 'This September'/ BBC Comedy Limmys Show/ Commercial/ BBC Drama 'Waterloo Road'/ Irn Bru Sugar Free TV Commercial/Visit Scotland TV Com/ Irn Bru TV Commercial/ 'This September' Second Series/ McConechy's TV Commercial/ Lip Service 2/ Dani's House/ Forge Shopping Centre TV Commercial/ Greener Scotland TV Commercial/ Photo shoot for Glasgow City Council
Waterloo Road 7/5/12 bar person, 5/6/12 waiter, hospital visitor 11/1/13, dog walker 15/05/13,
BBC River City pub 22.11, 11/03, 28/02, 07/03, 08/03, 13/04/, 04/04/, 3/5 pb, 8/9 pub,14/9 pub, 19/9 dog walker, 18/10/11 cyclest, 29/10/11 party guest, 29/2/12 & 1/3/12 pub,12/3/12 pub, 28/3/12 pub, 2/4/12 pub, 17/4/12 & 18/4/12 pub, 1/5/12 pb, 11/05/12 & 14/05/12 pb & cont 18/05/12, 4/9/12 pb,6/9/12 halloween party, 21/09/12 pb, 09/10/12 pub, 10/10/12, 11/10/12 & 12/10/12 fun runner, 18/10/12 pb, 12/11/12 pub,20/2/13 pb, 19/3/13 pb, 15/4/13 pb, 13/05/13 pb, 24/8/13 pub, 26/09/13 pb, pb & health centre 14/10/13, 11/03/14 pb, 20/03/14 pb, 26/03/14 pb, 07/04/14 pb
Mrs Browns Boys 8/11/12, TV Com for Scottish Veteren Residences 9/4/13, adr Voice over for Sky Production 'Rubnesque' 27/05/13 , Crimestoppers TV Com 24/6/13, MI High 28/6/13, 16/07/13 henchman, Bollywood Film Kick 27/7/13, 28/7/13, 29/7/13, Waterloo road hospital scene nurse 12/8/13, TV Commercial for Odds Checker 5/9/13, Pilot 'The Sunny' BBC Comedy Unit, Waterloo Road Climbing Instructor 0/09/13, 13/09/13, 17/09/13, 02/10/13
Documentary 'Castles in the Sky' 07/10/13 Boffin, BBC Drama Shetland Wedding Reception 23/10/13
Limmy show 28/10/13, PHA 'Fog' TV Commercial 25/04/14, TV Com for Dewars 9/6/14, Photo shoot for Breuninger 20/07/14, Famous Grouse TV Commercial 07/08/14, BBC Comedy Mountain Goats 14/05/15
The Replacement 05/08/2016
River city passer bys 07/03/2017
Trust Me depo workers 02/04/2017, 03/04/2017
River city all for the pub 20/04/2017
LOVESICK Pub Punters 22/05/2017, 23/05/2017, 24/05/2017
Mallard online commercial 30/05/2017
Hee Haw shoot for Glasgow athletics 06/06/2017
River city heavies 18/09/2017
Outlander militia men 09/10/2017, 10/10/2017, 11/10/2017
Only You Film 19/10/2017
Ford tv commercial 27/10/2017
Outlander Tavern 23/01/2018, 24/01/2018
River city 16/02/2018
Outlander 02/03/2018
Outlander 08/03/2018
The Victim 21/03/2018
Trust me medical Drama Wed 7th nov
Trust Me Wed 7th Nov - 07/11/2018
Trust me Thurs 15th Nov - 15/11/2018
Trust Me Friday 16th - 16/11/2018
Trust Me Mon 19th Medical staff - 19/11/2018
Trust me Tue 20th - 20/11/2018
Trust me Wed 21st - 21/11/2018
Grouse online video 27th Feb - 27/02/2019
Grouse online video 27th Feb - 27/02/2019
Molly and Mack week 3 17th june
Molly and Mack wed 26th June
Molly and Mack Tue 25th June
Molly and Mack Mon 24th June
Molly and Mack 5 days 8th to 12th July
Molly and Mack week commencing 15th July
Molly and Mack Regulars w/c 22nd july
Molly and Mack w/c 29th
Molly and Mack Monday 5th Aug
River city Mon 19th
River city Mon 2nd sept
River city wed 4th sept
Molly and Mack w/c 3rd June regular stall holder
Molly and Mack week 2
The Nest Tue 24th Sept Cafe
River city wed 18th Sept
River city Wed 9th Oct
Last Bus 17th Oct filming Dunure Glasgow Bus 2
Shiddat Sun 17th wedding and passer by
River city Mon 3rd Feb
Vigil Tue 17th Mar glasgow




Age 39
Chest 44″
Waist 32″
Inside leg 29″
Height 5"11' (1.80m)
Collar 15.00
Shoe size 10.00