Vigil police officers and cid Tue 25th Aug
Vigil police officers and cid Wed 26th Aug
Scots Squad Fri 13th March cop
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BBC river city 01/03, 14/03, 11/04, 28/4 pb,9/5 pb, 2/9 pub, 22/2/12 health centre & pb,, 16/3/12 pb
22/3/12 pb/ crime scene officer 19/05/12,10/9/12 pub,21/11/12 pub, uniform pc 15/3/13, uniform pc 10/4/13, unifrom police 18/4/13, uniform pc 1/5/13, uniform pc 30/8/13, CID Officer 05/11/13, 25/03/14 uniform pc, 28/04/14 CID Officer, 20/05/14 CID Officer, 06/03/15 CID Officer

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Film 'Outlander' 07/10/13 Chaplain, Documentary 'Castles in the Sky' 18/10/13, Film Outlander 01/03/14 & 03/03/14, 27/03/14 Redcoat, 07/04/14, 17/04/14 redcoat, 01/07/14 Redcoat
Bob Servant 28/05/14, Film 'Eve' 27/06/14, 30/06/14, Film 'The Legend of Barney Thomson' 08/07/14,
New lanark historical guide 13,14/9/14, Zombie Production 09/10/14, 08/10/14, TV Drama 'CUT' 22/11/14 Office worker, Murder Production 02/12/14 prison guard, Outlander 14/05/15 1740's French Garden Party, AA TV Commercial 29/04/15, Million American Princess 26/06/15, ITV Shetland 03/07/15 Uniform pc, Whiskey Galore 10/09/15, Bollywood film KJD court offical 10/9/15, Bollywood Movie KJD court official 19/09/15, Bollywood Movie KJD 05/10/15 Court Official
Outlander Highlander 25/01/2016,26/01/2016,27/01/2016,28/01/2016
Outlander 04/02/2016
10 Rillington Place 1949 PC 27/04/2016
10 Rillington Place 1940 PC 02/05/2016
10 Rillington Place 03/05/2016
Muncie CID Officers 21/06/2016
Photo shoot for Blood Transfusion 02/08/2016
Jonathan Creek Actor Double 19/08/2016
River City Uniform cops and Halloween party 01/09/2016
Shetland White supremacist 13/06/2017
Country Music 02/08/2017
2 Doors Down 25/09/2017
Melrose 30/10/2017
Mecca bingo tv com 14/11/2017, 15/11/2017
TV drama Trust me filming 24th Sept Glasgow with costume fitting Friday military personnel - 24/09/2018
Trust me TV drama Wed 31st and Thurs 1nov - 31/10/2018
Trust me TV drama Wed 31st and Thurs 1nov - 01/11/2018
BBC comedy Burnistoun Monday police officer Monday 5th - 05/11/2018
Ladrooks TV commercial Tue 4th and Wed 5th - 04/12/2018
Ladrooks TV commercial Tue 4th and Wed 5th - 05/12/2018
Ladbrooks TV com Wedding Scene wed 12th AND thurs 13th males - 12/12/2018
Ladbrooks TV com Wedding Scene wed 12th AND thurs 13th males - 13/12/2018
Netflix film 27th June
83 Bollywood film Fri 14th June
83 Bollywood film Sat 15th sun 16th June British men
83 Bollywood at cricket practice wed 19th June English fans
Only an Excuse Thurs 7th Nov
Shiddat 13th and 14th Nov Male Diners Paris Cafe
Falling for Figaro Sat 11th Jan
Falling for Figaro Mon 6th
River City Sat 15th
Vigil mon 9th Mar police
River City Mon 24th CID officer
River City CID Thurs 5th March
Vigil police mon 23rd



07854 999670
07890 695094
07925 930967


Age 49
Chest 40″
Waist 32″
Inside leg 31″
Height 5"10' (1.77m)
Collar 16.00
Shoe size 8.00